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Price it Right!

Too high a price is a great deterrent to fast home-selling. It is important to remember that real estate prices fluctuate like tides and need to be tracked if you are going to put your home on the market. If you market your home at a too high a price, it will ward off clients, and the house will sit for a long

time. Buyers look at the length of time on the market and use the longer times as a reason to make a low bid. As your experienced Realtor I will give you a comprehensive CAM and price it right to get it sold!

Marketing to the wrong audience and/or incomplete marketing

Good marketing is essential for selling a house effectively. Marketing only to the local area is a big mistake that home-owners make. Make your house as visible to as many people as possible. I will use the Internet and its valuable resources like social media, and market to a global audience; you never know who is moving to your city from around the world. After all I did!! With KW being an International Company, your home is automatically featured on the International MLS. Use pictures, as many of them as possible because a great looking picture is worth a thousand words. Always employ a professional photographer and feature high resolution photos of your house at its visual best. My professional photographer always asks about the orientation of the house, books the time of day where he can get the best light and always provides a visual tour. I can help you declutter your home and stage it ready for the photographer – all part of my service!!

Untidy and badly maintained

Untidy homes give a negative vibe that may lower the chances of a prospective buyer finalizing a deal with you. Before you list plan on getting things fixed in the house. Maybe a repaint on the walls, eliminate all odors, repair anything that is broken and oil squeaky doors. Don’t cover up anything that is obviously in disrepair – you will need to disclose anything that is not functioning. Pack most of your personal items – after all you will have to do it eventually, and buyers want to be able to visualize their own ‘stuff’ in the house. Do your home maintenance assignment right if you want to make a good impression. I have a whole team who can do these types of jobs for you with their ‘pre-sale’ maintenance package – call me for details!

Treat prospective buyers as your special guests

After all, they are special! You want them to love your home. When you have a showing, make sure you leave some light refreshment and maybe some cookies out for them to feel welcome. I have had sellers leave a short story about their time in the home, what they loved about it and welcoming the next family to make some memories – your prospective buyers need to feel they already belong!!

Home selling is a serious business, and a complicated process. It’s one of the most stressful thing you will do in your lifetime, but I’m here to take the stress away and guide you through the ever changing arena. I look forward to working with you!